Four charged for attacking woman, force-feeding pills and supergluing her mouth shut

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A woman left naked in a Kansas City parking lot survived an hours-long ordeal that included beatings, forced ingestion of pills and the use of super glue on her lips.

The attacks began June 23, 2012, after the victim accepted a ride from Nicole Strohm.

Strohm drove the woman to a house in the 5800 block of East 10th Street and the attack began, according to court documents.

The victim told detectives Strohm hit her with a wooden object, punched and kicked her.

Strohm allegedly cut the victim's hair, stole her jewelry, made her take pills and used super glue on her lips, according to the court documents.

Three others, Michelle Lingle, 37, Manly Gilbert, 49 and Anthony Pinion, 43, also were in the house when the attacks occurred.

A witness told police he saw Strohm, Lingle and Pinion beat the victim and Pinion forced her to eat a bug, according to the court documents.

Gilbert and Pinion later told police they were at the house, but both denied taking part in the attacks.

Pinion told detectives Strohm and Gilbert set up the beating, according to court documents.

All are charged with multiple counts of assault, along with felonious restraint and other charges.

The woman suffered bleeding on the brain, multiple bruises and other injuries.

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