Franklin County Sheriff, deputy arrested - but why?

OTTAWA, Kan. - The Franklin County Sheriff and one of his deputies have found themselves on the other side of the law.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation arrested Sheriff Jeffry Curry and Deputy Jerrod Fredricks on Wednesday. They were taken into custody at the Franklin County District Attorney's office without incident.

Curry was charged with official misconduct and interference with law enforcement operations; Fredricks was charged with interference with law enforcement operations.

"Any time a public figure, an elected official who holds that particular office, this isn't something you want to see happen," Franklin County Attorney Stephen Hunting said. "This isn't something you want to have to deal with. But here we are, and that's what we'll do. We'll deal with it."

Hunting declined to explain what led to the charges in a news conference Wednesday night, saying details of the allegations will be shared when the men are in court. However, he did say he filed a petition for Curry's removal from office.

"Based on the nature of the allegations and the evidence that supported the allegations in the criminal complaint, I believe it was appropriate and necessary to file and ouster to remove Mr. Curry from office," Hunting said.

Franklin County resident Chris McIntosh said she wasn't surprised by the arrests.

"I believe something was neglected to be looked at, and now I feel the facts have finally come out," McIntosh said.

Curry and Fredricks were transported to the Wyandotte County Jail to ensure their safety, according to District Attorney Stephen Hunting. They bonded out Wednesday night.

Their first appearance is scheduled for March 6.

While the investigation was made public last September, Hunting said it had started before then, but would not say when.

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