Independence couple has close call with bullet shot through home

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - An Independence couple is breathing a sigh of relief after a bullet shot through their home at 10:30 p.m. Thursday.

Dorothy and Dennis Myers were in bed when they heard the sound of breaking glass in their dining room.

"We got up to check it out and saw that one of the pictures on the wall had fallen and glass and white debris from the wall was scattered all over the living room," Dorothy said, "When we realized a bullet had come through our house, we were stunned."

The Myers immediately called police who investigated and told them it was most likely a bullet fired from a high-powered rifle.

"What's so scary is that my husband Dennis was in the kitchen five minutes before the shot was fired and walked right past the dining room wall where the shot entered our house," she said.

The single bullet pierced one outside wall, continued its path through dining room and lodged itself in a kitchen wall inside the couple's home.  The actual bullet was not found.

"It was a close call. I'm just glad we didn't get hurt," Dorothy said.

The couple added that the ordeal has made them very uncomfortable in their home and they are thinking about moving.

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