Judge says Lawrence man has to avoid social media

LAWRENCE, Kan. - A Douglas County, Kan., judge has barred a Lawrence man from using social media sites out of fear he will harass a victim in a recent sexual assault.

Alexander Beglinger, 21, was sentenced Tuesday in Douglas County District Court to 30 days "shock time" in jail and 18 months probation stemming from an incident in January. Beglinger sexually assaulted a female college student.

Beglinger, who previously pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery and two counts of misdemeanor criminal restraint, also faces an unusual provision during his 18-month probation period.

Worried that Beglinger might use sites like Facebook and Twitter to harass the victim, Judge Peggy Kittle told Beglinger that he is banned from using any form of social media during his probation.

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