Kansas City SWAT team rounds up suspects of violent crimes in warrant sweep

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Starting early in the morning both Wednesday and Thursday, nearly 200 officers hit the streets from Kansas City Police, to the FBI, Homeland Security and more.

"We do everything we can to keep ourselves and the individuals inside the house safe," Scott McGregor with the Kansas City Police Department said.

Police say they've done warrant sweeps a couple a times a year for the past five years, arresting people on the spot.

They say it's not a pleasant job. 

The Kansas City No Violence Alliance helped find target areas to hit. It's what police call the "hot spots."

They are in the central and eastern parts of the city.

Police say those being sought out are not just in trouble for unpaid parking tickets. They're looking for serious offenders involved in robberies, rapes and homicide suspects.
While neighbors watched the boots on the ground and the eyes in the sky via helicopter, they were glad to see the neighborhood cleaned up.

"I didn't even know it was happening. But I'm glad it's not anymore," Morgan said.

The loot the team found during the sweep included illegal guns and drugs.

But police say the victims in the sweep are the children.

"Unfortunately, when parents decide they are going to sell narcotics, the children become a reproduction of that when they get caught up in the search warrants and the violence," McGregor said.

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