Kansas mom pleads guilty to starving son in attic

OLATHE, Kansas - A northeast Kansas woman whose 6-year-old son was found starving in the attic of her home has pleaded guilty to child abuse and child endangerment.

The Kansas City Star reports that 27-year-old Rachel Perez, of De Soto, also pleaded no contest Friday in Johnson County court to attempted second-degree murder. She cried as the judge read the charges against her.

Perez was accused of keeping her son, who has Down syndrome, cooped up in her attic and lying to investigators who went to her home to check on the boy.

Deputies found him Aug. 17 covered with feces and urine in the unfinished attic and so starved that his ribs showed.

A pediatrician testified last month that the boy would have died within days if he hadn't been found.

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