KC woman says she was Tasered, raped

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City man is behind bars after being charged for sexually assaulting two young Kansas City women. Monday, another woman who said she was assaulted came forward. She hopes her story will lead to more charges for 49-year-old Michael Cain.

"It just doesn't seem real," she told  41 Action News Monday afternoon.

The Kansas City woman says said she still can't believe that she was raped on November 2.

"I feel like I'm damaged, I guess," she said.

Monday, the 23-year-old woman said Kansas City police showed her a photo line-up of six men.

"I knew right away who it was," she said.

She said police told her the same man who she identified assaulted other women throughout the metro by using a Taser to make them cooperate.

The Kansas City woman said Michael Cain called her after finding her number on a dating website.

"He said, ‘I'd like to meet up with you and get drinks, talk,' and I said, ‘Okay I'm fine with that. I don't have any plans tonight,'" she said.

That evening, after he picked her up at the Taco Bell on Armor Road in North Kansas City, he took a detour.

"He went into a neighborhood and at that point I knew something was wrong. I had tried to get out and the door was locked and that's when he Tased me. He made me get completely naked, leaned my seat back and he blindfolded me," she said.

She said he took her to a house and forced her into a bedroom.

"I fought him until he was slapping me and choking me so then I stopped and I just let him finish," she said.

The woman admits she took a major risk by getting a car with a man she didn't know.

"I still didn't deserve it. I should not have put myself in that predicament but I didn't ask for this. No woman wants to be raped. It's not something that you ask for," she said.

Now, she wants her story to be a lesson for other young women in the metro.

"Never get in a car with a guy you don't know .You just don't know people, you just don't know if they can be sick and twisted like this guy," she warned.

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