Friends of Westport murder victim say they looked up to him

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Justin Harmon and Justin Carr said Kansas City's most recent murder victim was like a brother to them.

Kendrick Williams, 22, was shot to death near 40th and Mill Street on Sunday morning. Dozens of people were up the road near the bars when the shots rang out.

"He was doing what he was supposed to he was getting out of all this street life that's why I look up to him," said Harmon.

Harmon and Carr said their friend was attending college and striving towards a music career.

"He was always telling us to stay off the streets, basically telling us to put our heads on straight while we were out here being bad and stuff he was out here trying to teach us knowledge," said Carr.

Police haven't made any arrests. Witnesses told police the suspects took off in a burgundy-colored SUV.

Employees and patrons in the area say they are surprised by the gunfire and believe it's not a reflection on the Westport community.

The death of Kendrick Williams marks Kansas City's 33rd homicide of the year.

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