Mom allegedly throws hot grease at daughter during violent incident at Kansas City home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A mother is accused of beating, choking and throwing hot grease at her daughter during a rage-filled rampage at their Kansas City home.

Prosecutors charged Marilin R. Gobel, 40, with four counts of abuse or neglect of a child and one count of second-degree domestic assault after the incident Tuesday night.

Court documents state the rampage began when Gobel's anger boiled over at her daughter as the 16-year-old played with younger children in a bedroom. Gobel screamed they were too loud and came into the room where according to the police report, she yelled at her daughter and began to bear her in the body and face with her fists.

The girl told police Gobel used her forearm to choke her and then put both hands around her neck. A witness and the teen told police she blacked out for a short period.

An adult in the house pulled Gobel and her daughter apart and the girl went to the kitchen, court documents state. Gobel allegedly punched the girl several more times and the fight went to the floor.

An adult again pulled them apart and Gobel grabbed a pan of hot grease from the stove and threw it at her daughter. The adult pulled the teen out of the way of the flying skillet and grease.

Gobel allegedly told her daughter she wished she had died instead of her son.

She told detectives in an interview she threw the skillet to the ground and not at her child.

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