KC area woman speaks about murdered grandmother and her son suspected in the killing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City area woman is mourning the death of her grandmother, 71 year old Jacqueline Bell.

"It's my grandmother and I'm her only grandchild. It's really hard because she's dead," said Bell's granddaughter.

But she's also questioning her son's suspected involvement.

"They're saying on the news that my son did it and it's hard because you don't really know how to feel because I know he wouldn't do that."

She didn't want to release her name but she spoke exclusively with 41 Action News because she wanted people to know about her family.

Bell was a wealthy philanthropist who was born in Kansas City.

Saturday morning police found her body inside her Portland, Oregon home.

Bell's granddaughter sent her son, Joda Cain, to Portland to live with his great-grandmother in July.

She said, "He needed to get away he was having issues, he was getting in trouble."

Cain's friend from Kansas City, Micus Ward, went to visit him and it was Bell who bought the plane ticket.

"She sent him a plane ticket and like I said, she was dead the next day."

Cain's mom told 41 Action News Bell spoiled her son and they loved each other very much."He was happy, he was happy. And everything was going good and he was back to playing football and everything was great for all I knew."

Sheriff's deputies in Oregon said Cain and Ward were driving Bell's car when they lead police on a high speed chase.

Investigators say they found evidence that links the two to Bell's murder.

But Cain's mother said she is in disbelief, "He's not that person. He's really not. He's not perfect, he's spoiled rotten but my God he would never, never do that to her, he'd never do that to anybody."

Oregon investigators say Ward is Cain's cousin on his father's side.

They have not been charged but a Washington County Grand Jury will convene on Monday to hear evidence in the case.

If Cain is charged, the 17 year old could be charged as an adult.

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