New charges announced in Independence triple murder

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Two men now face three first-degree murder charges for their roles in a triple murder last week.

Jackson County prosecutors announced Wednesday night additional charges against Antonio Cervantes, 32, and new charges against Kevin Finley, 33, in their roles in a triple murder last week in Independence, Mo.

"Some people were duct taped. Their mouths were covered with tape. Their hands were duct taped behind their back and they were executed," lead prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said at the news conference. "That's part of this case, and that's why the charges are the highest that we can level."

Court documents also indicate that police believe Cervantes and Finley knew the people in the home and broke in looking for drugs.

A fourth victim, a 13-year-old boy, survived the attack and is still recovering in the hospital.

Baker said additional charges might be forthcoming.

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