New drug hitting KC streets, mixes LSD with amphetamines

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There is a new synthetic drug that's gaining popularity among Kansas City teens, and it could kill them.

It's called "25-Eye" or the "N-Bomb." The drug is a synthetic form of LSD.

The poison control center at the University of Kansas Hospital noted that the drug is one thousand times stronger than regular LSD.

Tama Sawyer, a spokeswoman with the hospital, said high school kids are buying the drug thinking they will get LSD, but are actually getting a much more dangerous version.

"It's a hallucinogen, but it's an hallucinogenic amphetamine and so you get the effects of the amphetamine and the hallucinogen and it's way more toxic than the LSD of the old '60s," she explained.

The drug is blamed for at least two deaths of teens nationwide.

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