Home video shows final moments of joy for Blair ShanahanLane

Charging decision to be announced Thursday

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - The family of Blair shared some video on Thursday they will treasure forever. It shows the final moments of fun before a young life was lost.

It's a home movie showing kids at play on the Fourth of July.

The 11-year-old is seen dancing in the in the smoke. But her joy and light will soon be cut down by a stray bullet.

Other community leaders say too many children are dying because of too many guns.

"Whether an accident or on purpose, there are still grieving parents. Somewhere along the way, we need to understand, in America, that guns don't make you safe," said Al Brooks, from the Ad Hoc Group Against Crime.

We asked for his thoughts.

Brooks pointed out that of Kansas City's 55 homicides so far this year, 11 victims are teens or younger like Blair.

"Guns are to kill; they're not play toys, not something you work through a TV. This is real life," said Brooks.

Brooks said in Blair's case and others like it, the owners of the guns should be prosecuted no matter who fired the shots.

Thursday, prosecutors will announce whether they will file charges in the death of 11-year-old Blair ShanahanLane. A news conference is scheduled for 9:45 a.m. Check back here on NBCActionNews.com for the final decision.

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