Police start writing electronic tickets, bringing court system up to speed

Traditional ticket book traded in for computer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Spend any time driving on 71 Highway through Kansas City and you have seen police running radar. Starting this week, you won't be seeing the traditional ticket book carried by so many officers over the years. Instead, officers will pull out a small computer to enter the violation.

"It's able to run their driver's license get all their information," said Officer Mike Loughery. "Run their plate on the vehicle, get all their information."

This cuts down on time taken by calling dispatch to ‘run' the same information. After the ticket is ‘written', the information is sent directly to the court computer system and the violator receives a copy of the ticket.

Loughery said that writing a paper ticket is quicker for the officer.

"The first two violations I had, took about 15 minutes," said Loughery.

Loughery added that the time was due to what part of town he was in, not speed of officer inputting information.

"Because it's on a cell phone system, it depends on where you are in the city." said Loughery, "You get worse reception, then you'll have slower times for downloading all your information on that ticket."

The department plans to make a complete conversion by Aug. 29.

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