Police tight-lipped about any leads in Lawrence murder, search for missing woman

LAWRENCE, Kan. - There are a lot of questions about 52-year-old Harold Sasko's murder after police found him beaten to death inside his Lawrence home.

"We just don't know, none of us know," Kimberly Qualls said.

Qualls knew Sasko for six years. They dated briefly and she can think of plenty of people who are grateful of Sasko, including her son who worked for him at one of his three Cici's Pizza restaurants.

"He was just very passionate about helping the young teenagers," she said.

Sasko went out of his way to help his employees, including 19-year-old Sarah Brooke Gonzales McLinn who Sasko let live in his home.

"It was very important to him that I know and I understand, you know, how he wanted to help her," Qualls said.

Gonzales has been missing for nearly a week now. Police think she may be in Sasko's car, a 2008 dark grey or blue Nissan Altima.

Finding Sarah could be the link to solving Sasko's death, although it's uncertain to what extent.

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