Quadruple-murder suspect Kyle Flack waives reading of charges in court

OTTAWA, Kan. - The man accused of murdering four people at a Franklin County farm appeared in court on Friday. The courtroom and halls were packed with people who wanted to see Kyle Flack, who faces capital charges.

Some were upset with the violence in their town.

Flack's second appearance was short. He did not speak as he walked to and from the courtroom or in the hearing, but stared blankly ahead.

Flack's attorney waived another reading of the complaint. Flack's next court appearance will be in July.

He could face the death penalty.

Kansas has not executed an inmate since 1965. One factor that could keep Flack from being sentenced to death stems back to 2006, when Flack was found guilty of attempted murder for shooting another Franklin County man. Then prosecutors noted in court records that Flack had "a history of mental issues."

Mental health issues can be a critical concern for both prosecutors and defense lawyers in capital cases.

Investigators found a body Saturday in Osage County, Kan., that they believe is 18-month-old Lana Bailey's, though they're still waiting on positive identification.

Investigators said they believe Lana was killed at the Franklin County farm where the bodies of her mother, Kaylie Bailey, and two men, Andrew Stout and Steven White, were found. Investigators believe Lana's body was taken to and left in Osage County.

Flack's Topeka lawyer is a death penalty specialist.

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