Search for Lana Bailey: Authorities return to crime scene for another day of intense searching

Little girl presumed dead, police say

OTTAWA, Kan. - Family members of Kaylie and Lana Bailey are in the midst of difficulties few can imagine. They're planning a funeral for one family member as the other is still missing.

Kaylie's parents and Lana's grandparents, Jim Smith and Lisa Smith remain optimistic for Lana.

"She hasn't been found yet so I'm not going to give up on her," Lisa Smith said.

She remains strong even though so much has happened in the past week. Kaylie, 21, and 18-month-old Lana were reported missing by Kaylie's grandfather in Olathe on May 3. Kaylie's body was discovered Monday in rural Franklin County and identified on Wednesday.

Police say Lana is presumed dead, but her body has not yet been recovered.

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Against all odds, Lisa Smith believes Lana may come home.

"Call the sheriff's department with any tips. We need to find Lana and get her somewhere safe," Lisa Smith said.

Kyle Flack, 27, was charged Friday in the deaths of the four victims. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.

Authorities said Flack has not told them where Lana's body is.

Lisa Smith said the criminal charges are little comfort as they plan Kaylie's funeral.

"I don't believe that justice can be served because my daughter is dead and our granddaughter is missing," Lisa Smith said.

Sheriff Richards said since Kaylie Bailey's car was discovered in Emporia, it's very possible Lana could be that far away or anywhere in between.

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