Security camera catches thieves lifting puppy from pet store

GLADSTONE, Mo. - A Northland business owner is fed up with sticky fingers inside her shop, and she said the latest theft has crossed the line.

Around 3:30 p.m. Saturday, two people ran out of the Fins and Foliage Pet Store, 7022 North Locust Street in Gladstone, with a stolen puppy.

Security cameras captured the hooded pair taking the nine-week-old black mixed lab, valued at $100. Store owner Kaye Caylor chased after them.

"I was going to get the license place," Caylor said. "But they had white paper taped over the license plate."

Caylor said the young couple was inside the store, playing with animals like many of her customers, before they took off.

"I just want them to be caught, so they know they can't just run in and take anything they want. And it isn't funny. They were laughing as they went out the door. I don't think it's funny," Caylor said.

Gladstone Police Capt. Jeff Self said even though the dog is worth just $100, stealing an animal is an automatic felony. Call police at 816-436-3550 with any information.

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