Still Missing: A look at Kansas City cold cases

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Police Department is handling more than 40 cold cases of missing persons. Some people on the list vanished nearly 30 years ago.

Investigators said these are some of the hardest cases to solve.

"The longer a case goes on, the more likely that you will not get a solution," former FBI agent Jeff Lanza said.

"There is no evidence to begin with and any evidence you had has been run down so there is nothing left to solve those cases."

Lanza said a case is generally considered cold after a year or when all leads run out.

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Two Kansas City women have been waiting for a lead in their loved ones cold case for years.

Melissa Folscroft was the last to see her best friend Jody Ledkins alive.

The two were visiting at a home on East 14th Street in 1985. Ledkins told Folscroft that she wanted to go home, but Ledkins never made it there. Folscroft believes Ledkins was actually headed somewhere else.

"She was asking my mom what the signs of pregnancy were, because she had met this guy around the corner," said Folscroft.

Folscroft believes Ledkin's boyfriend was not happy about the pregnancy. The boyfriend was questioned, but never charged with any crimes. No signs of Ledkins were ever found.

"I want her to know that she can come home anytime she wants and I still love her. I miss her badly," said Folscroft.

Bridget McKeown knows how Folscroft is feeling. McKeown's mother, Shirley, vanished in 2002.

The 71-year-old was on her way to Bridget McKeown's house in 2002. Shirley McKeown never made it to the house. Her car was found in a lot off of 33rd Street and Highland 10 days later.

"There was a lot of blood in the car so they knew that there was a homicide at that time," said Bridget McKeown.

Bridget McKeown hired private investigators, but never found the remains of her mother. She said investigators had two suspects, but they were never charged. Police said there haven't been any leads in the case in at least five years.

"I want her remains back really bad," said Bridget McKeown. "They got away with murder."

Kansas City detectives said the cases are still assigned to an investigator.

"We will follow up on any leads that are called in but right now we don't have any," Sgt. Stacey Graves said.

Tips on cold cases can be called into the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

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