Surveillance video shows mother running through school prior to attack on teacher

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A school security camera captured an angry Hickman Mills parent moments before she attacked an elementary school teacher

Hickman Mills administrators have reviewed the video of the incident that happened last week, after Simone Baker's 6-year-old son told her the teacher scratched him on the neck.

The Hickman Mills mom was supposed to show up for an appointment the following day, but that didn't happen.

In the video Baker can be seen slipping into Truman Elementary School after someone comes out.

The principal confronts her and takes her to the office, but that is when she leaves the principal's office and sprints toward the teacher's room, out of the view of cameras

Baker allegedly went into her son's classroom and punched the teacher. She then reportedly pulled the teacher out of the chair by her hair and smashed her head into a file cabinet before running off.

In the video, some time passes before school leaders can be seen sprinting toward the classroom, but Superintendent Dennis Carpenter told us earlier this week that's because the principal was following protocol by grabbing others to back her up.

"You can see the parent running down the hallway, and 30-34 seconds later you see the principal with a group running down the hallway, all the response I would expect from one of my school principals," Carpenter explained.

Meanwhile the student has taken back his allegation of being "scratched" by the teacher and has been moved to a different class. Police have cited Baker with inflicting bodily injury.

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