Teresa Stone sentenced to 8 years for plotting husband's murder

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Teresa Stone was sentenced Friday to eight years in prison for her role in her husband's murder. Prosecutors had asked for ten.

She could have faced up to 15 years in prison, but Stone struck a deal with prosecutors that lowered the possible maximum sentence.

In April, Stone had admitted to plotting the murder of her husband, Randy Stone, with their former pastor David Love.

Randy Stone was found dead March 31, 2010 in his Independence, Mo., insurance office.

Love pleaded guilty last year to pulling the trigger in a plea deal.  He was later sentenced to life in prison with an attempt for parole after 25 years.

In court Friday, new details about the affair between Love and Teresa Stone were released. You can read our reporters' live coverage of the sentencing here: http://bit.ly/LT1F5h

According to detectives, they planned to get married after killing both their spouses - Love had even bought Stone a ring. Keith Rosenwarren, with the Independence Police Department, said Teresa Stone would wear that ring next to the one Randy Stone had given her years before.

He also said she became pregnant with Love's child at some point, but that resulted in a miscarriage.

Letters and e-mails were entered into evidence that showed the couple planning their own wedding.

The violent plotting didn't end with Randy Stone. Rosenwarren also said Teresa Stone admitted to scheming to kill David Love's wife, too. They planned to break her neck and make it appear like an accident.

Love's wife was unharmed. Since the killing in Independence, she has filed for divorce.

State prosecutors described Stone as a manipulative and cold-blooded woman, who knew exactly what she was doing in having Love kill her husband. 

Rosenwarren said Teresa Stone's account of where she was at each exact moment the afternoon of her husbands killing didn't set well with investigators.  In fact, they said she kept a receipt from Sonic at the time of his murder to provide "a perfectly-documented alibi."

Prosecutors said the whole murderous plot was based on greed. The couple wanted a new life together and looked at Randy Stone's life insurance policy as a way to make that happen. 

They told the judge Teresa Stone thought she was entitled to the $800,000 policy. But in 2005, Randy had changed the beneficiaries of that policy to be his children instead of his wife.

A Farmer's Insurance employee told the court Friday that Teresa Stone was shocked to learn she wasn't going to earn a dime from his death.

Stone became emotional in court on Friday as her son and daughter pleaded with the judge to "show mercy on her punishment." But Stone didn't shed any tears as she was led away in handcuffs after the sentencing.

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