Thieves steal copper from daycare air conditioners

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The hottest week of the year so far is downright sweltering for a Kansas City daycare.

Kids who normally attend the daycare at the George Washington Carver Child Development Center at  43rd Street and Jackson have had to go elsewhere this week after thieves stole copper from six air conditioners outside the building.

With their air conditioners not functioning, temperatures inside the building are nearing 84 degrees, far too warm to safely watch kids.

"It's definitely going to be a hardship on the parents," director Lynn Beard said. "They bring their children here every day for safety and because of the vandals we're not able to do that at this moment."

The daycare, which helps low-income families, doesn't have the funds to immediately replace the units.

The thefts are under investigation.

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