Three people found shot to death on E. Linwood, detectives hope victim identification brings answers

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - According to police, three men were found shot to death inside a Kansas City apartment building on Sunday night. A spokesperson for the department described the shootings as bloody and gruesome.

The victims were identified Tuesday as 23-year-old Phillip Hall, 20-year-old Raymond Hill and 20-year-old Stacy Roberson. All three were from Kansas City.

A resident of the apartment complex, at 901 East Linwood Boulevard, called police to report hearing gunshots in the building just after 7 o'clock.

When officers arrived on scene, they found the three men dead and another five people running from the building.

Officers interviewed the five people caught leaving the apartment, though they don't believe anyone in that group is the suspect.

Kansas City Police Department Spokesperson Darin Snapp said, "It appears to be a lone suspect or possibly two suspects that actually did the shooting and then fled. We have footprints leading out of the apartment so we believe the suspect is not one of the three victims."

Police stayed on the scene through Sunday night and into the early morning hours on Monday. In total, detectives blocked off Linwood Boulevard for 11 hours. A portion of that time was spent identifying the victims. A member of the Homicide Unit told NBC Action News that knowing the victims' identities could help piece together what happened.

Snapp told the Kansas City Star that it was a "very violent encounter" that he describes as "almost execution-style."

He also said there were no signs of forced entry, "It appears they possibly knew each other and they were let in and that's when the shots were being fired." 

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