Woman reports she was raped on Kansas City walking trail

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Police are investigating the rape of a woman early Thursday on a busy Kansas City walking trail.

Authorities report Thursday morning's rape happened about 6 a.m. as the woman, in her 50s, was walking on the Harry Wiggins Trolley Track Trail in the 100 block of E. 85th Street , between Main and Oak streets near the Waldo area.

The victim described the suspect as a white male wearing all black clothing and a black mask.  

Police Spokesman Darrin Snapp said they do not believe this rape is connected to two recent rapes across the state line.  The description of a KCK rape suspect is different from the rape on the trail.

The victim told police she saw a small white Mercury, unknown model, circling the area before she was attacked that looked ‘out-of-place' in an area she knows well.

Snapp said even if the driver of the Mercury is not involved in the attack, investigators would still like to talk to him or her to see if they know anything about the incident.

While police search for the suspect, neighbors are angry.

One of those neighbors, Amanda Ruffin, uses the trail almost daily but decided before the attack she would no longer go on the stretch of trail alone near 85th and Main.

"Oh I stopped. That time of morning creeped me out and it's not very well lit," she said. "And it is kind of secluded. The thing that made me feel weird is that it is surrounded by houses."

After the Waldo neighborhood battled a series of rapes last year, Ruffin and her neighbors won't tolerate an incident like this morning.

"It is a violation, it is infuriating. We won't let this get us down. Travel in pairs, I have my cell phone with me, you just have to be aware."



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