Amid accreditation concerns some parents want in the KCPS district

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Lincoln College Preparatory Academy opened it's doors to  parents and prospective students Sunday afternoon, to showcase its school and curriculum.

Lincoln is one of 18 schools in the district that held an open house Sunday.

"We wanted to come check it out and compare to what we know about surrounding school districts and to see what kind of diversity there is here at Lincoln," said Shawna Lopez.

School principal Carl Pelofski says each year they have a waiting list of students who are interested in his school, and he expects the same in the upcoming school year.

"What were seeing now is just what we've seen last year and in year's past, that parents want to know what it is, and many of them do want to come here, it's always a popular destination," said Pelofski.

A popular destination, that could see even more interested students as their parents learn what it means to  live in an  unaccredited school district.

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