Bishop Ward students ‘Mix It Up' at lunch

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Students at a Kansas City, Kan., high school received a different type of lesson on Tuesday— one that took place outside of the classroom.

Bishop Ward High School's annual "Mix It Up" event gives students the opportunity to meet other students they wouldn't usually hang out with at the lunchtime event.

Before lunch, students were given a playing card, with each lunch table marked with a matching card.

Tony Suvasic, a senior at Bishop Ward, said he looked forward to the day every year.  On Tuesday, he sat with upperclassmen and a foreign exchange student.

"We all get complacent with what we're doing," he said. "You start living every day on a schedule and this is a good way to break it up and find new things."

Students at each table answered a questionnaire to help get to know each other. Junior Lesslie Martinez sat with three freshmen. She said they were quiet at first, but soon were talking and laughing.

"Later in the year, you can walk into the freshmen hallway. They know she's not scary, she doesn't have me," she said. "You begin to say hi to more people. You make the conversation easier."

High schools across the country participated in the event similar to Bishop Ward's "Mix It Up" day.

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