College exit exam showcases abilities to potential employers

College students at George Washington University say they worry about how they will look on paper when they graduate.

"There is so much difference in grad measurements in different schools," GW junior Sophie Boslough said.

Starting this spring, a standardized assessment being dubbed the "college exit test" could help students differentiate themselves on their resume.

"If it was a way to show my skills, I would be willing to take it," junior David Frankel said.

The CLA plus measures a student's critical thinking and analytical skills through a part essay part multiple choice assessment.

"We know that it's the skills the employers are interested in skills above and beyond content knowledge," Dr. Doris Zahner with the Council for Aid to Education said.

Hart Research Associates recently surveyed more than 300 employers who hire graduates and 93 percent said those skills are more important than what a student majored in.

Career Coach Joan Sherman doubts employers will give the test much consideration.

"I don't think taking an assessment would help you find a job," Sherman said. "The real important thing is for you to give a succinct pitch about who you are what you want to do."

Now, students will get to decide for themselves whether to pick up the pen for one more test.