Common App glitches worry high school seniors

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - High school seniors across the metro applying to college for early admissions on Friday are concerned they won't be able to get it done on time, all because of some technical issues.

At the Notre Dame de Sion School, seniors 17-year-old Mikaela Gill and 18-year-old Mackenzie Manning are in the midst of applying to nearly a dozen schools.

"I expected it to go well, but as with anything, there's going to be issues you have to deal with," Manning said.

What they're dealing with are technical issues with the Common App website by that more than 500 colleges and universities use for college applications.
But in the last few weeks, students have had issues logging on, previewing applications and having to reset passwords.

Both students and their classmates have poured into college counselor Erin Stein's office seeking help.

"The issue with Common Application has certainly created additional anxiety with families and students wondering ‘Did my stuff get there? Did I meet my deadline?'" Stein said.

Friday is an important one; it's the deadline for those applying early to some colleges and universities.

But the schools in return are lending a hand to help with the recent kinks.

"Most colleges that have early application deadlines have extended their deadlines about a week," Stein said.

The organization responsible for the Common App issued an apology on October 18 and promised to improve their service.

"I think the most important thing is to know that colleges understand and are flexible, we're all in this together," Stein said.

She adds that students should check with whether their schools have extended their deadlines.

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