Gov. Nixon visits local school to announce Bright Flight expansion

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Gov. Jay Nixon spoke to an auditorium full of students at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy Monday, telling them every single one of them deserves to go to college.

The school has some of the brightest kids in the area.

The governor used Lincoln Preparatory Academy as the backdrop for an announcement that he'll add an extra $15 million to the Bright Flight Boost program, which offers scholars a chance to receive an extra $5,000 per year for school as long as they work in Missouri after college graduation.

Students have to meet several requirements, including scoring in the top 3 percent on their ACT or SAT of all students in the state.

Missouri Bright Flight has been around since 1986, but fewer than 25 percent of eligible students are taking advantage of the program, according to Nixon.

"We have some very bright kids. It's not like they aren't going to college. What's happening is other states are giving them attractive offers and they're going outside Missouri for school and jobs. But I tell you folks, that stops today," Nixon exclaimed to the auditorium filled with students and teachers.

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