Governor Nixon awards Kansas City Public Schools with two new grants

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Governor Jay Nixon was in Kansas City on Friday, awarding the Kansas City School District with two new grants.

The first will give nearly $500,000 to renovate Woodland Early Learning Community School off Independence Avenue.

It will help accommodate more than 300 3 and 4-year-old children.

The second will give $1 million towards building a brand new early learning school where the Emmanuel Family and Child Development Center stands in Kansas City.

That school will help more than 100 school-aged at-risk kids.

"It's like getting a descent grade on a midterm. You don't get to skip the final," Nixon said. "I think the entire community needs to understand that while the good work has moved the arc to a positive zone, there is much work to be done."

The overall goal is for kids across Kansas City to have access to free pre-k classes.

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