Groups create safe zone around James Elementary School

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A bubble of safety is starting to surround one Kansas City, Mo., school. Several groups have come up with what is called a "safe school zone."

It is a three to four block radius around James Elementary School, 5810 Scarritt Ave., in the city's Old Northeast neighborhood.

Organizers are looking at cleaning up vacant properties, making sure kids have things to do at the Mattie Rhodes Community Center and that they are able to walk or bike to school safely.

"The overall idea is to create a safe bubble around that school, get it stable (and) move on to another school in safe proximity; create that bubble, get it successful (and) move on to the next school," said Kansas City, Mo., Police Officer Jason Cooley, who has been working on the project.

The program also identifies registered sex offenders in the neighborhood.

Organizers, who include representatives of the KC Safe City Initiative and LINC, the Local Investment Commission, say the program is still growing and evolving.

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