Kansas City Public Schools considering changes due to fluctuating enrollment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Change is coming for Kansas City Public Schools. The district's enrollment is growing in northern sections of the district and declining in southern sections.

For the past year, district administrators have been researching and meeting with parents to determine what can and should be done. 

School board members will hear those preliminary findings Wednesday night at the KCPS school board headquarters. By February, the board will decide if some schools should be closed, if boundaries should change or if some community partners should be invited to office inside other schools.

Superintendent Dr. Steven Green said it's time for the district's master plan to be modified.

"The last time it was modified was in 2006.  Enrollment numbers have changed and neighborhoods have changed," Green said. "Closing schools is an option, but it's the last option."

Green said it's important to be financially responsible and make sure the district is using its financial resources to provide the best education possible for students.

"We're also looking at changing school boundaries and inviting community partners to have offices in our buildings with our students and provide some coaching, training and internships to our students," Green said.

By February 2014, Green said the research and public comment phase will end and proposed changes will be made.

"Before we make any changes, we want to make sure our school patrons, our parents and community voices have a say in the matter," Green said.

He is hoping more parents will get involved in the process at future community meetings.

To find out more about proposed changes to the district's master plan, visit, http://www.kcpublicschools.org/masterplan

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