Kansas City Public School District pushing for accreditation

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - The superintendent of the Kansas City Public School District is pushing to get provisional accreditation back.

Dr. Stephen Green made his pitch Tuesday in Jefferson City.

"As you can see...improvement in 10 of the 14 areas," Green said.

Student scores have been improving over the last two years. Green said the district's APR performance jumped more than 40 percent over the past 12 months alone.

He told the board that the "yo-yo effect" was over and that "this change is real."

Days before the presentation, Dr. Green provided the Missouri State Board of Education a packet full of information on the changes made by the district.

"We are in rapid turnaround phase," he said.

Dr. Green believes the changes indicate why state scores jumped so dramatically.

The State Board of Education said they will not have a decision on whether or not to grant the district provisional accreditation for at least a month.

Last January, the district officially lost accreditation. In one year the district went from 27.5 to 84.

Last year, the district came within one thousandth of a percentage point from qualifying.

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