KCPS preps for testing, district hopes to double last year's results on the road to re-accreditation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri Assessment Program, or MAP, Testing is a necessary evil for every school district in the state. It helps give the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education a feel for how students are learning.

So, local districts are doing their best to get students excited.

In the Hickman-Mills School District, students paraded on Monday through the hallways of Symington Elementary School carrying banners that read "Do Your Best on the Test!" Click here for information on MAP Testing in the Hickman-Mills School District.

Yards in Raytown are peppered with signs that encourage young test takers. Click here for information on MAP Testing in Raytown Quality Schools.

Why? Because MAP Tests are important for a district's future and education leaders know it.

However, no pressure is greater than in Kansas City Public Schools, where students, old enough to know about the district's woes, know the future of KCPS depends on them.

KCPS lost its provisional accreditation in January after meeting just three of 14 MAP standards last year. Dr. Tiffany Anderson, Interim Chief Academic Officer, is confident the district can meet at least five standards.

She's hoping for a sixth.

 "The sixth that's within reach is the math, grades three through five," Anderson said. "And, from that point moving forward, we really need to start to meet the rest of the academic standards, which includes attendance."

She sees the tests not as an obstacle, but rather a challenge.

KCPS students have been preparing for MAP Testing and will continue to do so until Monday when the exams begin. KSHB 41 Action News caught up with teachers and students doing test preps on Tuesday.

Principal Eric Nelis explained, "For the last few weeks, we've been focusing more on the way questions will look and the content that the MAP test will be addressing."

However, he warns, students aren't only depending on review.

"The MAP Test will be a result of what we've been doing all year, in just great teaching in general," he said.

Nelis thinks his older students knows why the district lost accreditation. He also believes those same students have a sense about how important MAP Testing will be in the re-accreditation process.

"I think to some extent they understand, you know, the place we're in, that we need to show much better with the district, in comparing with state results," he said.

Nelis is confident his bi-lingual and bi-literate students at Carver Elementary will perform well.

Missouri school districts must meet six state standards in order to be considered for provisional accreditation. The five KCPS hopes to meet are: three career technical standards, a college placement standard and a bonus standard for improvement.

The added standard district leaders hope to achieve is mathematics in third grades through fifth grades.    

See below for communication directly from    KCPS staff:

KANSAS CITY, MO. – The Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) is running a MAP practice test contest from Monday, March 26 to Sunday, April 1 as a fun and interactive way to raise awareness about the types of questions and skills assessed on the MAP test. Parents, teachers, students and community members are encouraged to participate.

There is one practice test for each grade from third through tenth. The highest scoring respondents from each grade level practice test will be entered into a drawing to win a MAP care kit for the KCPS student of their choosing. The care kits include items essential for preparing for and taking the MAP test, such as No. 2 pencils, erasers, books and more.

Winners will be announced on Monday, April 2. The care kits will be delivered to the students on Tuesday, April 3.

MAP testing takes place from April 9 – 20 in the Kansas City Public Schools. Each school has its own testing schedule.

To view and participate in the test, visit http://kcpublicschools.org/Page/1284.

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