MAP tests put pressure on KCPS teachers

The Kansas City school district could move one step closer to regaining accreditation Monday as students begin taking the MAP test. Results will impact where the district stands with the state of Missouri.

Andrea Findlers, President of AFT Local 691, said everyone is feeling the pressure.

"I think there has been a lot of pressure from not only the district but I think from the state because we're not accredited. But I also know that what the teachers do is they focus totally on those kids all the time."

Some students take the MAP Monday while most will take the MAP test Tuesday. Findlers said this year, teachers had more time to help students practice for the test and they were able to address what students needed help with the most.

"The data cycles that they've been doing at the schools, I think have allowed them to not only pinpoint student weaknesses but then to address those weaknesses," she said.

Results in August will determine if the district will be on the road to accreditation.

"I think they have done everything that they can to make sure that this testing goes well."

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