Minnesota university incorrectly sends acceptance letters to students

A Minnesota university is in damage control after sending out more than 200 acceptance letters to students who weren't supposed to get them.

High school seniors initially had the joy of thinking that Minnesota State University Moorhead accepted them.

"I was very excited. I was happy. I know that I was making the next step in my life," Jeremy Abrahamson said.

But after that acceptance letter, he got another one saying there was a mistake. He said other schools had accepted him, but he wanted to go to MSUM.

The school had sent the original acceptance letters to 232 students that didn't qualify for automatic admission.

"What should've happened was they should've been referred to an individual review committee," MSUM Marketing & Communication Executive Director David Wahlberg said.

In that committee, students would have had the chance to appeal for why they should be admitted. But instead of that, the school had quickly sent a second letter saying "not so fast".

"We were balancing our need to get back to these people as soon as possible," Wahlberg said. "What we're going to do is offer to admit them, if they agree to participate in an academic success program."

Since students didn't meet automatic admission requirements, the program will give them access to things like academic counseling, tools the university says will help them be successful if they choose to enroll.