KCPS parents and leaders talk about governance

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A handful of parents and school board members met in the library at Central High School on Saturday morning to discuss governance in Kansas City Public Schools.

They were well aware of Senate Bill 677. If it passes in the Missouri house, the bill would turn control of the unaccredited district over to the state board of education immediately; a bill attendees did not support.  

Antoinette Collins has a elementary school student in the district. She believes local control is best for the district.

"I think they're out of touch, they're not here," Collins said. "I believe we need to give this new board a chance to prove themselves."

During the two hour work session, attendees broke into groups and discussed adding a mayor-appointed team of advisors and reducing the number of school board members from nine members to seven.

"Lessening the number of people will ultimately help in decision making," Collins said.

Just one of the ideas for moving forward that were introduced by a group that hopes to keep Kansas City Public Schools under local control.

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