Park Hill School District staff trained to fight intruders

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Tactics are changing regarding school security.

Some experts believe it's time to teach students and teachers how to attack a gunman or intruder in the school.

For the first time, the Platte County Sheriff's Department is training teachers and staff and the Park Hill School District in Kansas City, Mo., to fight the intruder -- but only as a last resort.

Students will not be taught to fight any potential attacker.

Sgt. Jerome Almond began training Park Hill staff in January.

"We feel like this will help teachers know what to do if they are face to face with an armed intruder,"  Almond said.

The first step is for teachers to lock the classroom door and hide or escape. 

"If they cannot escape, the teachers and staff are to try to distract the gunman by throwing things at the gunman from behind," Almond explained.

The theory is that by distracting the gunman, some students might be able to escape.

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