Rockhurst High School's new drug testing policy getting national attention

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City's Rockhurst High School on CNN?

Really? Yes!

In the news business, any story done at a CNN affiliate across the country could potentially be picked up by CNN. That's what happened with our special report on Rockhurst's new drug policy.

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When CNN decides it wants a story, local news stations all over the U.S. have the option of using the video and story within their local newscasts.

It looks like several of them picked it up.

Rockhurst Principal Gregory Harkness said he fielded calls from around the country the day following our report -- from schools interested in how Rockhurst was able to make this happen, law enforcement wanting information for their drug prevention programs and schools who've already implemented stringent drug testing policies offering support.

Harkness will be in New York the end of this week for a pre-scheduled event, but will work in a CNN interview -- the world news juggernaut wants it's own interview for its own story on Rockhurst.

Stay tuned for updates.

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