Wheatridge Middle School custodian keeps streak alive by wearing tie to school every day

Gardner middle schoolers won't let him stop

GARDNER, Kan. - Paul Jones wears a tie to work even though it's not required. In fact, he might be the best dressed school custodian in town.

He's currently on a quest to wear a different tie for each of the 183 school days on the calendar at Wheatridge Middle School.

It all started at the beginning of the school year. Jones wore a tie on the first day in keeping with his custom over his last eight years on the job, but the students wanted more. "The kids started asking for Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck," he said.

Jones obliged, and the streak was born.

He said he used to own only 10 ties and still doesn't know how to tie them, but thanks to publicity on Facebook, ties have been pouring into the school from all over the country. A Wheatridge teacher has been helping with tying lessons.

"He actually sent me a You Tube video to learn how to tie them," Jones said.

He is about a dozen ties shy of having enough for the rest of the 2013-14 year. "I'll probably try to go on into next year," Jones said.

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