Friends collect donations for baby girl whose mother was killed in party bus accident

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Friends and family are pulling together to provide for 6-week-old baby girl who lost her mother after a tragic party bus accident.

Jaime Frecks was killed after falling out of a party bus on Interstate 35 on Saturday night. It was her first night out since becoming a new mom.

Now her friends are collecting diapers size 2 and up, baby formula and gift cards for her daughter, Emma.

"My heart just sunk and my immediate thought was how can we help? When I see stuff like this that's my thing how can we help? How can Kansas City help?" explained Edith Fine-Duskin.

For more information on how to help, go to

The Kansas Highway Patrol is still investigating what caused the fatal accident that killed Frecks.

On Wednesday, the owners of the bus company involved in the accident released the following statement:

"The owners of Midnight Express, LLC, as well as the driver of the midnight express bus, Debbie Elmer, wish to express their sincere sympathy to those suffering as a result of Saturday night's tragic accident which took the life of Jaime Frecks. Ms. Elmer and the owners of Midnight Express, LLC, are trying to find out how this terrible accident could have happened."

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