3-D mammograms detect cancer earlier & more often

Kansas City, Mo. - You've heard it time and time again. Early diagnosis improves your chance of surviving breast cancer. So, every year millions of women faithfully follow doctor's orders and get a mammogram.

But half of all women have dense or fibrous breast tissue. It makes it tough to detect the cancer, and mammograms don't always work.

Dr. Ruby Meieroto is a Radiologist at the Center for Breast Care at St. Luke's Health System.

She provides her patients with 3-D mammograms to see through the dense tissue.

"Unlike the traditional 2-D mammogram, multiple images are obtained through the breast to create essentially, a three-dimensional picture. So fine details are more clearly seen and less obscured by overlapping tissue." said Meieroto.

Studies show 3-D imaging picks up on 40 percent more breast cancers than the regular mammogram.


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