5-year-old gets check-up after adult surgery performed on brain aneurysm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One area 5-year-old had his check-up on Thursday after recently undergoing brain surgery for an aneurysm.

When 5-year-old Ethan hit his head, his parents thought nothing of it until two months later when he had a seizure.

Doctors eventually found an aneurysm in his brain and it required surgery.

However, the aneurysm was so big, doctors at the University of Kansas Hospital turned to a procedure normally used in adults.

"He woke up and was just as he was before we went into the procedure," recalled Endovascular Neurosurgeon Dr. Koji Ebersole. "You would never know he had this problem brewing inside the brain."

Thursday's check-up ended well for Ethan as the doctors lifted all restrictions – meaning Ethan gets to back to gym class just like he wanted.

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