Kansas City chiropractor is treating more of her patients with acupuncture to help them conceive

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - From in vitro fertilization to adoption, when the joy of motherhood is not coming along in a timely or natural manner, there are a number of options including a method that has been around for 2,000 years.

Dr. Kristine Baker is a Kansas City chiropractic physician.  She is also board certified in the art of ancient Chinese acupuncture.  She says more women are coming into her practice seeking acupuncture to help them conceive.  Elizabeth Clayton is one of those patients.

"My friends all teased me about the pain issues because I'm super sensitive to pain," said Clayton.  " But, none of them (needles) really cause any pain."

Dr. Baker explains that acupuncture actually relaxes people which is a top reason why women wanting to get pregnant benefit from acupuncture.  Dr. Baker says it also increases blood flow improving circulation.


In traditional Chinese medicine, patterns of physiological and emotional disharmony are thought to be caused by blockages or disruptions of energy flow along the meridians.  Dr. Baker begins each session combining high technology with the ancient art.  She uses an Acugraph to measure the energy levels at twelve acupuncture points. The information is entered into a computer program that illustrates the energy flow like bar graph. Watch and listen to Dr. Baker test Elizabeth's energy levels in the video.

The bar graph helps Dr. Baker determine where to place the acupuncture needles for that visit.  She says energy levels change as people respond to the acupuncture treatments.  Dr. Baker credits acupuncture for helping dozens of her patients conceive.

Jeffrey Rogers is another board certified acupuncturist who says he's helped 300 women give birth and he puts his success rate at about 65 percent.

"It (acupuncture) can have many benefits," explains Rogers.  "Definitely stress relief is a big part of it."

Jennifer Dugan was an avid runner with only 9 percent body fat.  She had not had a menstrual cycle in seven or eight months and was unable to conceive. After undergoing acupuncture for several weeks, she did conceive and has a two year old son with a second baby on the way.

Dr. Mark Warner is an OBGYN who says he believes some of the effects of acupuncture are mostly psychological.  While there is no medical research showing acupuncture can help a woman conceive, he believes it can help reduce stress for women focused on getting pregnant.

"I would always start with the scientific which would be the physician," advises Dr. Warner, "the medical...the first line and then after that if nothing's working then go to alternative things like acupuncture."

The first session of acupuncture is typically the longest around 90 minutes.  Follow up sessions are typically less.  Dr. Baker says the number of sessions you need depends on how quickly you are trying to conceive.  Her sessions cost around $75 dollars.  A course of treatment is still less compared to the thousands of dollars alternative medical options can cost. She says check with your HSA and insurance as it is sometimes covered.

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