Big Changes weight loss program maxed out after our story aired

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Walking into a gym class can be intimidating for even people trying to lose just 10 pounds; will they know the moves, are they dressed appropriately, will they be able to keep up?

For a morbidly obese person, the anxiety can go so much deeper. Just the thought of having to find workout clothes that fit can cause anxiety. The idea of walking into a room where you are three times heavier than most in the room is enough to keep anyone from taking the first step to fitness.

The new KCK program created in October 2011 called Big Changes is an outlet for people who might not otherwise try to get fit.

The Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care Fitness Center told us on Feb. 13 they had six people enrolled. After our story aired, Fitness Director Priscilla Allen said she was inundated with calls. She got calls from both women and men.

She's now maxed out with 32 people in the completely free program, with five more on the waiting list. Allen hold classes of eight at time.

The program is funded by grants and donations. The only qualification to be in the program is that you are extremely overweight, and once in the program lose 2 pounds a week.

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