Blue Valley School District explains concussion prevention steps

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - The growing number of NFL football players coming forward with brain injuries and concussions has parents concerned about allowing their children to play football. 

But the Blue Valley School District is being proactive by informing parents about safety measures the district is taking and what parents can do to help make sure their students are protected

Richard Bechard, Athletic Director for the Blue Valley School District, wants parents to know helmets are sent to the manufacturer every year to be inspected and brought up to safety standards.

"Parents can see the inspection stickers on the helmets," he said.

Bechard said coaches and trainers also are looking to see if players are dizzy or out of it which are signs of a possible concussion.

"Parents should make sure they are also watching their kids and if parents notice something is wrong then tell the coaches," Bechard said. 

Bechard added that players also have a role to play in reducing concussions. He said players need to let coaches know if they are injured so they can get treatment.

He said no helmet can prevent 100 percent of concussions, but with parents and players working with coaches and trainers, he believes it will reduce the risk of a concussion and help get early treatment for injured players.

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