CEO touts benefits for employers who jump on the health and wellness bandwagon

The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce held its 2013 health symposium at Union Station in Kansas City, Mo.

Matthew Condon, CEO of ARC Physical Therapy, spoke to the crowd of business owners and human resource personnel about how wellness can affect a businesses' bottom line. 

"There are two types of businesses when it comes to concerns about health care costs," Condon said.  "There are the whiners who complain and do nothing and then there are the lions who see the problem and do something about it."

He said companies that refuse to act and implement health and wellness programs will see their bottom line shrink and are at risk of going out of business.  

He showed data that indicates companies implementing health and wellness programs see a dramatic decrease in the number of sick days for workers, an increase in employee productivity and an overall better attitude.

"We have a long way to go to reverse the increase of obesity and the health problems and financial burden it places on businesses, but we can do it," Condon stated.

Danny O'Neill, Founder and CEO of the Roasterie, in Kansas City, Mo., is adding a wellness program for his 55 employees this spring.

"I used to think it was silly to believe a company has to offer a program to get employees to exercise," admitted O'Neill. "After doing a wellness program myself I realize its value."

The Roasterie CEO said the resulting health benefit to employees is great.

"I also think employees will feel better about themselves after exercising which will lead to improved positive attitudes," O'Neill concluded.

This year marks the Roasteries' 20th year in business.

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