Concussions: 7 things proactive parents NEED to know

According to , a leading resource for information pertaining to concussion safety, all parents have a critical role in recognizing signs and symptoms of brain injury.

Parents need to be proactive in order to minimize the risks that their child will suffer a concussion while playing sports and, more important, is not allowed to return to play too soon.


Mom's Team has published important advice for parents:

* Get educated about the signs and symptoms
* Emphasize dangers of second impact syndrome ( SIS )
* Insist that all coaches are certified athletic trainers
* Make sure team physicians and trainers agree on concussion procedures
* Request all athletes undergo neuropsychological testing
* Call for testing of any athletes who suffer from a concussion
* Insist that NO athlete be allowed to return to same contest or practice after concussion


Have you or someone you know ever suffered a concussion? Leave your comments below.

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