Crittenton Children' Center receives $2.43 million grant to expand Head Start Trauma Program

Experts indicate that kids who experience serious trauma at a young age have problems performing well in school. Thursday morning, a program helping traumatized children in the Kansas City metro area received major financial boost.

The Children's Trauma Program at Crittenton  Children's Center works with children who have experienced some sort of serious trauma at a young age, such as sexual abuse or violence inside of their homes.

Right now, the Head Start Trauma Program works in 60 classrooms in the Kansas City area on both sides of the state line. The $2.3 million grant will allow the program to expand and serve 156 Head Start classes in Missouri. That is more than 3,000 preschool students.

Paula Neese, Senior Director of Community Based Programs with the Crittenton Children's Center, said support from the from the private sector has been helpful

"We actually wouldn't be able to do this," Neese said. "We've been amazed by the private sector. Now with this new money, were going to be able to learn how we do this in a rural and suburban area and still see positive outcomes."

The goal of the Head Start Trauma Program is to help children early so they can be emotionally stable before they enter kindergarten.

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