De Soto physician explained why Kate Middleton could be pregnant with twins

DE SOTO, Kan. - Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant and the rumors are flying that she could be carrying twins. A De Soto family physician says the speculation is based on Kate's acute morning sickness which oftentimes is experienced by pregnant women carrying twins.

"Many new moms experience morning sickness," explained Dr. Charissa Richard.

"But acute morning sickness is extreme morning sickness to the point that the mom cannot keep anything down, and there is a concern that she's not getting enough nutrition or hydration for herself or the baby," Richard added.

The De Soto family physician also said there is some basis to all the speculation that Middleton could be carrying twins.

"There is a hormone released when you become pregnant that can trigger morning sickness," she explained. "And the presence of a high amount of that hormone could mean more than one baby.

"But acute morning sickness is not a definite proof that the mother is pregnant with twins."

Dr. Richard added that extreme dehydration can be dangerous for the baby. So the first priority for physicians is to make sure Kate and the baby are getting enough fluids and nutrition.

After visiting his wife in the hospital, Prince William said Tuesday that Kate was feeling much better.

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